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Topic: Global impact of the Industrial Revolution. Thesis Statement: The advent of Industrial revolution in the United States led to the emergence of cities with an increase in immigrant population and led to a change in social stratification in the country. Annotated Bibliography. WEST, E.G. (1978). Literacy and the industrial revolution. Economic History Review, 31(3), 369-83. In this article published in the Economic history review in 1978, the author E.G West discusses in great detail, the extent of literary changes that occurred in the eighteenth and nineteenth century and their relationship with the economic development of a nation. By analyzing the work of other notable economists and incorporating the statistical data available, the author concludes that an increased literacy rate for a nation helps in its economic development and an increase in its per capita income. This article was useful, as it explores one of the important reasons behind the economic growth during the industrial revolution in the U.S. WILLIAMSON, J.G. (1988). Migrant selectivity, urbanization, and industrial revolutions. Population and Development Review, 14(2), 287-314. In this article, the author Jeffrey Williamson by incorporating statistics in the form of graphs and tables, tries to analyze the Urban migration and its selectivity that took place along with the Industrial Revolution. He concludes that, the demographics of a region greatly influenced the rural-urban migration in that area. The author also discusses in great lengths, the role of age- distribution over the course of urbanization during the Industrial revolution. He discusses about the age-distribution bias prevailing in the cities during the course of the 19th century and
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hist bibl - Topic: Global impact of the Industrial...

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