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aaaa - In his essay Solving for Patterns Wendell Berry by...

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In his essay ‘Solving for Patterns’ Wendell Berry by using agriculture as his platform presents his views on a more sustainable living. Berry describes 3 kinds of solutions to the problems currently concerning our society. The first being the one that tends to multiply into a series of new problems. A much modern example of such kind of problem being the use of energy efficient light bulbs, which attenpt to save electricity but in turn also end up draining mercury when dumped into landfills. The second type of solution is the one that further worsens the problem it intended to solve. Berry cites an example of an attempt to fix the compacted soil with a tractor whose weight further compacts the soil, thus worsening the issue. The third type of solution which Berry strongly advocates is what he terms as ‘Solving for Pattern’ where we create more solutions solving multiple problems in one move by setting up a relationship of interdependence and mutual benefit. Berry presents the readers with an analogy of a disease acting within
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