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Plastic to oil conversion group 05/04/2010 Engl 210.07M Annotated Bibliography Edmundo’s Annotated Bibliography Berry, W. (1990). Waste. Writing for Engineers Course Reader, 258-259 Wendell Berry discusses about waste pollution in the state of Kentucky and on two of its major rivers: the Kentucky River and the Ohio River. This problem is caused by the demand for devices that we have become addicted to and to all plastic, aluminum and glass packaging resulted from shopping. The economy is another cause to this problem since its full of greed and it passes its influence onto us by making us want their products. Berry wants us to learn why trash isn't a problem caused by the manufacturers but by the people that don't dispose of it properly. This article was useful because it showed how waste is such a problem in our society. It also discussed briefly the reasons which waste pollution exists in the world and that is both greed and irresponsibility. This short essay provided help to prove that pollution is a problem we aren't paying attention to. Jensen, D. & McBay, A. (2009). Plastic. What We Leave Behind, 99-118 Derrick Jensen discusses in this chapter the problem with plastic waste. It is responsible for the death of thousands of marine life all around the world. Then, Jensen talks about the history of plastic and its composition. Plastic is in all shapes and sizes and is found in almost anything. The problem is that we use plastic goods for a short period and then dispose of it. Plastic decomposes in a long amount of time, so we use it for a short period and then throw it away, where it would lay there for thousands of years until it decomposes. This chapter is what we are trying to find a solution for. We wish to find a use for all this plastic that we created and now is a pollution problem. This chapter gives us information that will help us when presenting our problem and proposed solution. Berry, W. (1990). Sustainability. Writing for Engineers Course Reader, 55-79 Wendell Berry discusses about sustainability and why it is a failure in society.The idea of sustainability is that a new solution aims to eliminate a problem and at the same time provide good service to nature and society. What most sustainable solutions do is create a solution to temporarily stop a problem. The original problem continues to happen but at a slower rate. As an example in the chapter, plants were placed on the top of a truck factory roof to create an ecological benefit to the planet. Although it provides a benefit, trucks are still being produced and pollution released to the environment. We are trying to create a useful solution to eliminate the plastic waste in the world. We plan to make oil out of the plastic. Although we will remove plastic from the environment, we will still produce pollution from burning the oil we get from plastic. This chapter shows that we are not practicing sustainability because we will produce more problems with a solution we
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develop. Vandivier, K. Why Should My Conscience Bother Me?
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anno - Plastic to oil conversion group 05/04/2010 Engl...

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