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One of the scenes in the narrative by J.D Salinger that caught my eye first up was the opening scene when both Ginnie and Selena had an altercation about the payment of the cab fare. Ginnie, who finds herself being exploited by Selena, argues that she has always been paying the whole cab fare to which Selena responds by saying that she always gets the box of tennis balls to the court. Ginnie desperately demands her share of money back from Selena even when it required disturbing Selena's sick mother. To me this represents the foundation of the story as everything else is built upon this very fact. Salinger opens the narrative with this scene which indicates the unhealthiness of relationship between the two girls. The cab fare clearly indicates the materialism that persists between the two girls and Ginnie wanting to disturb Selena's sick
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Unformatted text preview: mother just for a few dollars also shows the lack of sentimentality. This scene also gives the reader a vague idea about the greater use of symbolism in the story. According to me it was unfair on Ginnie's part to be asking for her money. Although there wasn't the best of the relationship between the two girls but still they were partners professionally on the tennis court and this alliance should have existed symbiotically. It wasn't that only Ginnie was contributing towards this bond of friendship, even Selena brought the cans of tennis balls to the tennis court daily. If Ginnie considered Selena to be her friend she should not have let such mundane issues create a drift in their relatioinship and shows how someone's materialistic ways could hurt the feelings of others....
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