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Sameer Satyam 21007.M 02-23-10 Notebook entry Description of a person Sitting in the campus cafeteria having lunch I caught a glimpse of a lean tall man in his 20's sitting two tables apart almost embedding his head in his glossy chemistry textbook. At first sight he looked to be a very sincere and hardworking person who did not want to waste even the slightest of his times in doing unproductive works such as socializing a lot with friends or even having lunch. He seemed to be unfazed by all the buzz going around him and had his absolute
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Unformatted text preview: concentration towards his textbook, occasionally jotting down notes on a separate sheet of paper. I wondered why did this man chose the cafeteria as an ideal place to study when he could have easily found a secluded place in the library. He looked to me as a fair and attractive guy who was casually dressed and had his trendy reading glasses on him. Then suddenly he was disturbed by one of the workers working in the cafeteria, shortly after which he left the place probably to fine something better in the library....
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