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Unformatted text preview: To: Finkelstein, Professor, English Department, The City College of New York. From: Sameer Satyam, 21007.M, The City College of New York. Date: February 23, 2010 Subject: Importance of academic honesty in college. This memo describes the importance of doing honest work in college and how to skilfully deal with issues pertaining to academic honesty. Lipson, Charles. Doing Honest Work in College: Chapters 1-3 . University of Chicago. 1st edition, 2004. 1-48. Almost every college stodent at some point of time comes across a condition pertaining to academic honesty either unknowingly or as a deliberate attempt to reduce the stress levels of college work. Charles Lipson in his engaging article "Doing honest work in college" enlightens students on what academic honesty actually refers to and provides them with tools for successfully coping up with plagiarism. Lipson provides a detailed overview of academic honesty in a variety of settings a student comes across during his time at the college including exams,...
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