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deannas paper - Deanna Rams English IV—1st Period M rs....

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Unformatted text preview: Deanna Rams English IV—1st Period M rs. Hernandez BR I T IS H CO MEDY AND MO N TY PYT HO N Br it ish comedy seems to be a very out there kind of comedy. All of the comedians shown seem carefree about everything and anything they say. My fi rst reaction to Bri tish comedy is almost disgust by the way their comedy is presented. Bri tish comedians, like all comedians, t ry to attend to their audience and get a laugh out of them. With this type of h umor, it seems like the Brit ish audience enjoys absurd, sati rical, and sexual type of humor. T heir enjoyment in this kind of humor almost makes you wonder if that’s how their culture and history is all about. One comedy group, Monty Python, may be the cause of this sexual, super sati rical humor and the horrible portrayal of Br itain’s history and culture. Monty Python may have been the group to in fluence all Bri tish comedy and i t essentially was. After watching a Monty Python episode, you would be left confused and not understand what’s happening. The reason why is because the Monty Python was a surreal comedy group. Surreal comedy is usually fake, exaggerated, and an all over the p lace type of comedy. Some people think i t’s hilarious, but I personally do not. Since this k ind of comedy was such a staple to Br itain, it may have affected a lot of people’s views on B r itain. If a person talks about sexual things all the t ime, then you would obviously have no respect for them. This is how it is with Bri tain. Their comedy is so out there that there is no respect to be given to Bri tain and its people. The Monty Python group and all Bri tish comedians represented their history and culture by having a carefree, exaggerated, and very open atti tude. However, this atti tude that Brit ish comedy gave out was not the best to r epresent a beautiful place like Bri tain. ...
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deannas paper - Deanna Rams English IV—1st Period M rs....

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