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Autism Strategies - Avoid overstimulation –reduce...

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Autism Strategies - Provide a safe haven – routine response – teach them to recognize signs that they are going to have a meltdown and how to act accordingly – count, listen to music… Try to determine enviro that causes a behavior and limit that - Stress appropriate behavior – teach the essentials – like paying attetnion - Prepare for changes in routine – remind and remind and remind – write plans for the day on board - Internet – communication without human presence – an escape - Be a positive interlocutor – coach student and other students to understand situation – don’t take abruptness personally - Caring community – understanding, accommodation and forgiveness prevail Accommodations/Interventions Visual methods are often the most effective ways of teaching and working with these students . P VISUAL IS HUGE
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Unformatted text preview: Avoid overstimulation –reduce auditory distractions • use of computer Avoid timed tests and assignments. • ** Because of the resistance to change and novelty, a structured regular routine in the classroom is essential. Be careful with transitions.Providing lots of warning and preparation, perhaps • Have a quiet space for the student to go to when feeling overstimulated. • Avoid using figurative language when working with this student. • You as the teacher must also learn the student's vocabulary. Watch and listen to decode the meaning behind a shout, a slap, or other behaviour. Often these are expressing something. • • It may be useful to do a functional behaviour assessment and create a behaviour intervention plan (see those sections in this book for further details on this). •...
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