defining race and ethnicity

defining race and ethnicity - Theses concepts are important...

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Allen Cordell The Sociology Race and Ethnicity questions Eth/125 Kelly Hebb Cambell 3/15/11
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The terms race and ethnicity mean nothing to me because everyone is equal and we deserve the same rights. The definition or race is a physical difference that set people socially apart from each other. Ethnicity is a view of origin or cultural lifestyle that set a group of people apart from each other. I believe that we each have our own views and are able to make our own decisions without input from another person. If someone from another ethnic group wanted to be friends with me I wouldn’t allow my beliefs to get in the way of a friendship. It is not right to ignore someone because they do not have the same views as you. Life would become very boring if we all shared the exact same ideas as one another. It is very interesting to listen to another culture about their beliefs and way of life. Many cultures don’t have the advanced technology that we take for granted.
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Unformatted text preview: Theses concepts are important to the United States because our country is the most diverse in the world. The United States has millions of different cultures all into one country and we are just that, united as one country. Since this country was founded immigrants have come from almost every other country to seek freedom, jobs, a fresh start, and many other things that other countries don’t possess. This country that we live in is the greatest nation in the world as far as democracy is concerned . Democracy is the main reason why people come to this country. People are tired of living and working in harsh conditions so they decide to move. Other cultures have strict rules and don’t provide half the freedom. Also some countries don’t even allow you to choose your own job or wife. Culture plays a big role in people and some people don’t like their own culture....
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defining race and ethnicity - Theses concepts are important...

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