DImensions of business problems

DImensions of business problems - Information Systems...

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Information Systems Business Problem dimensions IT/205 Mr. Gonzalez The three dimensions to business problems are organization, people, and technology. If a company has organized levels of management, trained people, and a great information system they will succeed. An example of an organization is a company like Dell that creates information systems using skilled Information Specialist. An example of people is a Specialist that works at dell that has a Master’s
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degree in Information Technology/Support. He is a trained employee that understands how to fix problems without the help of another employee. A bad choice of an employee would be someone working at dell in the support department with no training at all about the position. This makes a big difference when it comes to people purchasing another computer will Dell. If they have a bad experience with the unskilled employee they might decide to buy from another company. If someone has a website and they try to run it from their home computer they may experience problems. A home computer isn’t a great
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DImensions of business problems - Information Systems...

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