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Hsm 210 week 8 check point There are many different things that you have to know and understand to make sure that you as a worker are meeting your client’s needs. The first thing that I feel so strongly about would be having open communication with them. When you have open communication with your clients then they feel more comfortable and open to you and you are able to help them meet there needs more affect. When I am working with a person I am going to make sure that they feel like an indivual and not as part of a group of people. I want to know and understand what is going on with them. Not every person is the same or needs the same things out of life. Each person needs to feel that you are there to help them and that you are not going to judge them with whatever situation that they are going to bring to you. I will need to know and understand the impact that I will have on their lives. Even if it is just words that I use or it might be the steps that I have to
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Unformatted text preview: take to get them on the right track in life. I have to make sure that I show care and concern when dealing with my clients but, it will also have to be on a professional level. Also, being patient with clients is something that is much needed. One client might be quick and easy to deal with and the other might need more of my time. Which both will be okay, I am there to help them. My best approach would be to listen when they are talking, I need to give feedback, watch their body language and clarify and paraphrasing all are things that will show that I am trying to have a deeper understanding on with the situation. I will also need to make sure that the proper steps are being made both physical and mental health problems as well as environmental concerns. Dealing with all different kinds of people may be harder at times but, it will help me to understand all different kinds of people and how to make the best choice to help them in life....
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