Solid Waste Management in Toronto

Solid Waste Management in Toronto - o Forced Recycling o...

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Case: Solid Waste Management in Toronto Problem identified is that Toronto is overflowing with garbage and does not know what to do with it. The system is at capacity. Landfills were the disposal method of choice in Toronto, however, in 2002 the Keel Valley Landfill closed, resulting in the vast majority of Toronto's trash being sent to Michigan. Michigan to close 2010 Cost at Keele were $12 per tonne. Michigan is very costly at $52 per tonne. Recycling was $125/tonne How Might Toronto deal with this Stinky Problem? o Running a publicity campaign encouraging households to use backyard composters. o Bag limits.
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Unformatted text preview: o Forced Recycling o Setting up an incinerator. o Buy New Land Fill o How would we characterize these interventions? • How Did Toronto deal with this Stinky Problem? o Purchased a new landfill in London o City council voted 26 to 12 in favor of purchasing the Green Lane landfill, a 130-hectare privately owned facility southwest of London. • The Policy Evaluation o Was the policy intervention Direct or Indirect? o Was the policy process of the government Strategic or Reactive? Reactive of often viewed as ‘knee jerk’) o What is the policy intervention coercive or was it voluntary?...
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