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Solid Waste Management in Toronto (2) Goal: to privatize solid waste management Intervention: Sale of waste management assets to a private company along with implementation of solid waste management regulations Analysis of dimensions Direct: This intervention is direct, because at A the government is intervening by selling its assets in waste management to a private company and creating waste management regulations, effectively privatizing solid waste management at B is a manner that will ensure accountability 1. the goal is achieved, as solid waste management has been privatized 2. the intended result of the intervention is the privatization of solid waste management in Toronto 3. Equilibrium exists as the function has been privatized, and the private company is regulated by the government Reactive: this intervention is reactive because it is in response to a previously identified problem surrounding the disposal of solid waste. Coercive: this intervention is coercive intervention because the private company has no
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Unformatted text preview: choice but abide by the regulations set out by the government Analysis of quality determinants Accuracy: less (?) There are many external factors that will impact the government’s privatization plan and industry regulations, such as citizen-action groups, environmentalists, even taxpayers worried about possible increase in disposal fees. Precision: more Although the privatization may result in increased disposal fees, etc, most consequences of this intervention can be controlled through the contract with the private entity, and through the regulations to be imposed. Efficiency: more Business firms are more efficiency than government and able to deliver goods and service in a more cost-effective way Time delay: less Environmental effect of private sector is less deleterious Privatization increased completion, the environment will be benefit....
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