Kiborghi - THEME 4 1 Read words Values of unfamiliar words...

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THEME 4 КИБОРГИ 1. Read words. Values of unfamiliar words look in the dictionary. The cybernetics /to call / the ministry (whom, for what) The chip / the heads / to light / light (that) The microcircuit / illusion / to accuse / accuse (whom, in what) The scanner / threat / to provide / provide Advertising / to advertise / a beam Calmness / an implant / to start / start засекречивание / a credit card (the program of e-mail) Data / guaranteed / to win / win (whom) Evolution / potential Fear 2. Read comments to words: киборг - получеловек-полумашина The Pentagon - 1) a building of the military ministry of USA (near to Washington) in the form of a pentagon 2) military department of USA Traditional (-ые credit cards) - here: existing, established User's payment - a payment for using something under the subscription, that is under the special document 3. Analyse structure of the given words: правозащитник / special services (USA) / hypodermic (chip) . 4. How you understand word collocations? Tax department / the world as on a palm Educational establishment / the "closed" object The state secret / calculations in shops The bank account / to sew under a leather(skin) the chip Act of terrorism / имплантируемый the chip
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Kiborghi - THEME 4 1 Read words Values of unfamiliar words...

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