Chapter 21

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Unformatted text preview: PURCHASING OF SERVICES Ch 21 OBJECTIVES Explain the nature of services and the implications for the purchasing process Discuss the key features in buying professional services Explain why outsourcing of services is part of the responsibilities of supply management QUESTION 1 1. Using practical examples, explain the difference between purchasing products and materials on the one hand and services on the other. Page 356 – 357 QUESTION 2 2. You are given the task of buying legal services. Discuss the process which you will use and explain each step of the process pointing out the reason(s) why that particular step is essential. Page 362 – 363 QUESTION 3 3. Write a memorandum to top management explaining why it would be to the advantage of your firm to acquire and operate its own fleet of trucks for distributing your products to customers. Page 364 – 366 Table 21.1...
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