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Unformatted text preview: PURCHASING FROM SMALL BUSINESSES SMALL Ch 20 OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES Clarify the challenges encountered by the Clarify role-players in the small-supplier-largerole-players buyer situation Develop and implement a plan to manage Develop a small business purchasing programme small QUESTION 1 QUESTION 1. Clarify the challenges encountered by the roleplayers in the small-supplier-large-buyer players situation. situation. Page 341 – 344 Communication Availability of information and suppliers Transaction costs Conflicting policies influencing the purchaser Objections and attitudes of purchasers QUESTION 2 QUESTION 2. Develop a systematic plan for implementing 2. and managing a small business purchasing programme. programme. Page 346 – 351 Senior management commitment Planning Orientation of staff Orientation of suppliers Organisation of the small business purchasing programme Publicity Supplier selection Supplier ...
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