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made test dog christopher - 8 Why does he prefer to have...

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Jinal Patel p-3 English IV 12/1/2010 1. Which of the following choices BEST answer the question: why he wants to be an astronaut? a) He thinks he has a sharp memory therefore it suits the job. b) He wants to be alone. c) His mom wanted him to be one. d) He thinks he has all the qualities to become an astronaut. 2. Why does Chris compare his memory to a DVD player? a) His memory works just like it. b) He likes DVD players. c) d) None of the above. 3. What is the general atmosphere of this novel? a) Facts about asperser syndrome. b) Sad. c) Serious. d) Mysterious. 4. Why did the father kill the dog? a) He was drunk. b) Ms. Sears cared more for the dog then for him and Christopher. c) The dog bit him. d) Ms. Sears told him to kill it. 5. Who has been with Chris throughout the novel that he really cares about? a) Siobhan. b) His dad. c) Toby. d) Mrs. Shears. 6. What terrifies Chris the most? a) White lies. b) Strangers. c) His father. d) Shops. 7. What is the climax of the novel?
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a. His pat ides. b. He goes to London. c. Chris finds out who killed wellington. d. He finds out that his mother is alive.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Why does he prefer to have animal friends rather than human? a) Animals don’t fight with you. b) Animals won’t lie. c) Humans are hard to understand. d) None of the above. 9. When Chris’s mom apologized to him about leaving, he said “it’s not your fault” why did he say that? a) He understands his mom’s feelings. b) He was lying. c) Siobhan told him to say so when he meets his mom. d) None of the above. 10. Who is the antagonist of the novel? a) Mrs. Shears. b) His dad. c) His mom. d) Mr. shears. Essays 1) Do you think Christopher’s father did a good job of dealing with his behavior? Explain the relationship with his father. 2) If the mother didn’t leave, how would it have changed Chris life? Would be for the better or for the worst? Please Support your answer form the text. 3) Is it easier to forgive his father or his mother? If you were Christopher who would you trust more? His mom or his dad?...
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made test dog christopher - 8 Why does he prefer to have...

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