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Jinal Patel February 7 th 2011 For more than 700 years, poets use sonnets as their common way of expressing nature, unrequited love, and questions of mortality. Sonnets were a really popular way of writing poems. William Shakespeare wrote his poems in a sonnet form, and he did such a great job at it that William Wordsworth thought “Shakespeare unlocked his heart” using this form of poetry. Most poets use the traditional sonnets that contain 14 lines. Each line is written in iambic pentameter, each line has 5 metric units. Each unit has an unstressed syllable, and a stressed syllable. Along with the syllables using the iambic pentameter, sonnets also have rhyme schemes that are based on the last word of each line. Sonnets usually have a specific rhyme to every poem, to identify the rhyme scheme the last word of every line must rhyme with another last word of a different line, and the two lines are given a same letter to identify the same rhyme scheme. The most common was the Italian sonnet, this form was famous from the poet; Francesco Petrarch, therefore Italian sonnets are also known as Petrarch. In an Italian sonnet the first eight lines are called octave, they represent the problem or the situation in the poem. The last six lines are sestet, they represent a solution to the problem, which is called the “turn”. The modern day sonnet is the English sonnet, which is also known as the Shakespearean sonnet. This type of a sonnet is divided into three quatrains, and one couplet. The “turn” is after the third quatrain and before the couplet, and the couplet resolves the problem.
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para 1 - Jinal Patel February 7th 2011 For more than 700...

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