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para 2 week 1 - to forget about the deer but he keeps...

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Jinal Patel February 8 th 2011 Whoso list to hunt, I know where is a hind is written by Sir Thomas Wyatt. The poem is mostly written as an Italian sonnet, with an English couplet. The first three stances are quatrains restating the issue of how his love is impossible to achieve. The last two lines give reasons to why it is impossible to achieve his love. In the first two quatrains the woman is being compared to a deer, and the reason why he can’t receive his love. The first quatrain begins with asking if anyone desires to hunt a deer, because the author can help in finding it. He is asking this because he has tried to hunt it repeatedly but he is always unsuccessful. In second quatrain, the author admits he won’t be able to hunt her. He tried
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Unformatted text preview: to forget about the deer but he keeps drawing himself towards the deer, but the deer tends to run away. He tries as hard as possible but she keeps fleeing away from him. He becomes weak along the way, and decides to give up. The third quatrain speaks of anyone who wishes to hunt the deer will never succeed because she is impossible to capture. This quatrain is the most important because he reveals the actual character of the deer, who is a woman he loves. The couplet explains why the author can’t “hunt” her because she belongs to Caesar. The poem illustrates an example of unrequited love, which means unreturned love. The author is seeking for love with a woman that belongs to Caesar; therefore he is unsuccessful in his hunt....
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