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Jinal Patel Welcome Me, Adulthood by Christina Cooper Welcome me, Adulthood, I have ventured through childhood with all the wonders and dangers in it. I have placed my childhood fantasies aside, and picked up hopes of becoming who I want to be. Embrace me knowledge, I am ready to know more and add to what I know already. I have conquered my fear of the night, now I only fear of becoming nothing. I have stopped pretending to be what I thought I was going to be, and realized that I am only what I make of myself. I have come down from the land of make-believe, and I have found the strength to believe in me.
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Unformatted text preview: So when I come upon you, open your arms, and welcome me, Adulthood, for I am headed your way. This poem describes me because I always look forward to the future. I learned so much from my past, never forget it but learn from it and teach myself not to make the same mistakes again. I am also very eager to find out the next moment, the next minute; always looking forward with open ideas, facts, knowledge and whatever it has to teach me. I am proud of what I am right now, and I know how I want to be for the rest of my life: just the way I am right now!...
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