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Research paper 1 - time period I started to write Science fiction The Time Machine one of his famous novels and also one of my first ones During my

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Jinal Patel English 4 Mr. Perez February 28, 2011 I, Herbert George Wells, am an English author well known for my work in science fiction. I have also written novels in many other genres: historical, political, social, and text books. I have always been interested in scientific things; I had also won multiple scholarships for colleges such as Normal School of Science, and Debating Society of the school. I helped built associations through my college career, and also won money for establishing them. I soon became interested in socialism, and going to lectures and writing books about them. I also invited the Science School Journal, the school magazine which helped me express my views on society. During this
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Unformatted text preview: time period, I started to write Science fiction, The Time Machine, one of his famous novels and also one of my first ones. During my last year of college, I easily passed physics and biology, but due to lack of interest in geology, I failed, which followed with losing my scholarships. After couple years, I got my bachelors in zoology form the University of London External Programme. He became a teacher at Henley House School. Throughout his life time, he wrote many novels and books that were mostly concentrated on science fiction....
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