The Stranger Quiz - Jinal Patel The Stranger by albert...

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Jinal Patel The Stranger by albert camus Chapter 1 1. What does the reference to "a soldier" tell you about the time period of the story? There were many wars going on during the time period. 2. After Meursault arranged for his mother to live in a nursing home, why did he visit her so infrequently? He thought it was a waste of time, and his Sunday (which was his relaxing day) to visiting her because she would always cry. He also felt that it was a waste of money to get a long bus ride ticket. 3. Why was it odd that Madam Meursault desired a religious burial? She wasn’t a religious person. 4. Does Meursault give an explanation for wanting/not wanting to see the open casket? Why would someone respond in this way? In your opinion, is this normal behavior? Merursault didn’t want to see the casket because he felt like there was no reason for him to see his mother. In my opinion this isn’t normal behavior because he was given a last and final chance to see his mother’s face. 5. Where is the caretaker from? His age? The caretaker is from Paris, and he is 64 years old. 6. Describe Meursault’s dream-like experience beginning on page 9. What is happening? The dream seems to be about someone dying. 7. What is the purpose of holding a vigil? How long does it last? A vigil is the inability to sleep. It lasts all night before a religious feast, or to pray. 8. What is Thomas Perez’s relationship with Maman? Thomas was very close with maman, he was regonized as maman’s fiancé. 9. How do they reach the church? How long does it take? How is the casket transported? They walked to the church for about three quarters of an hour. The casket was transported by the undertakers 10. What are three (3) of Meursault’s last thoughts of the burial? The earth pattern on maman’s coffin, the villagers on the street and the look of the church, and the old boy’s face. Chapter 2 1. Who does Meursault meet the day after his mother is buried? Marie. 2. On page 21, what hint is the reader given as to where Meursault lives? 3. What does Meursault choose to do on Sunday? What does this demonstrate about his character/personality? He stays in bed until noon, then spends his afternoon in the balcony. He smokes, eatings, and observes the people and cars on the street as they pass by. He then buys food, and then cooks dinner thinking another Sunday has passed. 4. What does Meursault mean when he says, "It occurred to me. ... really, nothing had changed." (See last sentence on page 24 for clarification). Chapter 3 1. What is your opinion on Meursault’s compulsion to wash his hands? There is nothing wrong with it, and is a normal behavior. 2. In your opinion, offer an explanation for why Meursault takes a "flying leap" onto a truck with Emmanuel. 3. Who is Salamano? Explain his relationship with his pet. Do you think Salamano cares about its health care?
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The Stranger Quiz - Jinal Patel The Stranger by albert...

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