5 prenatal dev & roles of exp

5 prenatal dev & roles of exp - 1 What is...

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Unformatted text preview: 2/8/11 1 What is development? • Habitat: “address” • Niche: “occupation” - the functional relations between an organism’s capacities and the environment • Development is a series of adaptive changes to a series of environmental challenges- Organism and environment change one another- Niche construction: through mutual modiFcations, new relationships emerge over developmental time 1 Examples • Humans (Decasper, Spence, ¡ifer)- prenatal learning of speech sounds • Chickens (Kuo)- In ovo stimulation of head and neck muscles necessary for development of pecking behavior • Mallard ducklings (Gottlieb)- In ovo auditory experience necessary for recognition of maternal assembly call 2 Theme • Sensory stimulation affects the functional development of sensory systems 3 2/8/11 2 • Self-stimulation: As a result of its movements, the chick embryo is tossed about “like a boat in a storm” (Kuo, 1967) 4 Gottlieb (1971): Prenatal determinants of species recognition • Mallard ducklings approach and follow their mother in response to maternal assembly call Development of response to call...
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5 prenatal dev & roles of exp - 1 What is...

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