Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Lecture 5 Ramayana Capital City Ayodhya Ramas...

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January 19 2010 Lecture 5 - Ramayana Capital City – Ayodhya Rama’s Wife – Sita King: Dasratha Queens: Kausalya Kaikeyi Sumitra Sons: Rama Lakshmana Bharata Srtrunga Svayamvara – festival where princess selects a groom for herself In these gatherings, sometimes, father of the princess puts a condition of test of skill. In case of Ram, it was his bow and arrow. Ram, brother, and Sita run off. In the meantime, Bharath insists that he will not become king. Bharath tries to catch up with them but they already cross the river. Bharath tries to press Ram to return. Bharath then asks Ram for his sandals, “Why” he asks, he answers because I’m going to place it on the throne, it will govern the kingdom until you return. Ravana wonders how he can get hold of Sita…He had a private jet “Puspaka”. But how to get hold of her? He then asks another fellow demon and they devise a scheme. The demon will devise himself as a golden deer. The calculation was, on seeing the golden deer, Sita will ask Ram to get it for her. Then the golden deer will draw Ram into the deep forest, leaving Sita exposed. While Ram is away, Raavana thought he could manage to get Sita (because she was only with Lakshman). Ram then goes to get the deer, and the deer reveals himself as a demon…as he’s dying he says “Ram”. This is heard by Sita. Sita tells Lakshman to do something. Lakshman believes that Ram will be ok, but Sita tells him to go. Lakshman draws a circle and says Sita to sit inside the ring of fire. Do not leave it! Ravana then has a
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Lecture 5 - Lecture 5 Ramayana Capital City Ayodhya Ramas...

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