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Lecture 6 revised - Lecture 6 – Ramayana continued Ram...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 6 – Ramayana continued Ram often moves around his kingdom in disguise. One day, one of his spies comes back and he’s reluctant to talk… Late in the night, I was passing by the house of a washing man. The wife of the washing man had returned late at night. Ram said to Lakshmana, “Sita was expecting me to show her a change of scene. So Lakshmana why don’t you talk her to Ganges, and dump her in the forest??” Then she’s found by a sage, who’s the author of the Epic, valmiki. Valmiki takes her to an ashram and they have 2 sons. The young children grow up. They are 8 years of age when the priest at Ram’s court you have ruled long enough that you can perform the supreme horse ceremony. A special horse would be let loose, and it would be allowed to go over. A golden image of Sita is erect beside Ram. While rituals are being performed, 2 young lads enter the chamber and started reciting. He then realized them that they were his own sons. Sita is called back. Then againt ehre were murmurs about Sita’s them that they were his own sons....
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