Lecture 9 revised

Lecture 9 revised - Lecture 9 Mahabharatha continued...

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Lecture 9 – Mahabharatha continued January 26 2010 Review so far of the Mahabarath: Watch the Bells of Sita? Pandu had 5 sons 1) Yudhsithira 2) Bhima 3) Arjuna 4) Nakula 5) Sahaveva -Bhisma takes a vow of celibacy -Bhisma takes the right of Swayamver -Look over notes from last class Pandavas are not fitting in very well, and Dhrtarastra calls them and acts for both groups to rule peacefully together A lot of people thought that the game was the point of no return… When Duryodhana makes the vulgar gesture, Bhima makes an oath that “may my sister never listen to me until I smash his thigh into pieces” And there’s a debate of when Yudhisthira bidded his wife away. Then suddenly a jackyl appears… The tension is broken until. When the King is told all of this, he gets very upset. He nullifies all of this. The King gives the wife a boon and the wife asks for Yudhistira to become a female, and all her other husbands restored to their normality. Then the king ask for more, and she responds saying it wouldn’t be right if a Chatra woman asked for more than 2 boons. Meanwhile, the Kauravas ask to play another game. However now what’s at steak, must go in exhile for 12 years, and for the 13 th year, they must be in cognito. Pandavas lose and must leave (Yudhistra
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Lecture 9 revised - Lecture 9 Mahabharatha continued...

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