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Lecture 11 revised - Lecture 11 January 28 2010....

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 11 January 28 2010. -Kurusksetra-Night raid, 5 children of the Pandavas were killedHowever one of the wives of the Pandava was pregnanet, and that child would be the heir to the throne-Ruled for about 30+ years ?-During some time, they decided that they should celebrate the Ashwanaith (horse sacrifice) -So they perform the sacrificeAt the end of the sacrifice, the forests start rolling Some guy says this is no sacrifice.And everyone wants to kil him listen to my story first-There are 3 birds, they had collected some grains for themselves Birds die of starvation. When I came out of the Earth, a few drops or pieces of grain had dropped I saw half my body turned to goldand since then Ive been searching for a sacrifice. The message in the end is that the sacrifice is useless In the meantime, after the war, Krishna had moved to Saurastra ?? or Dhwaraka (now Gujurat) He becomes the ruler here. Arjuna, his old friend decides to visit Krishna. Arjuna says to Krishna, on the becomes the ruler here....
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