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Lecture 12 revised - Lecture 12 Yudhistra tells a lie and...

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Lecture 12 Yudhistra tells a lie and his carriage falls onto the ground. Yudhistra said “Love me, and love my dog…” God of righteousness had assumed the form of a dog to see how Yudhistra behaves…so then they take him to heaven. Yudhi sees all the Kauravas in heaven and he thinks what the hell is this, they should be in hell. He says ok that’s fine but where are my brothers and Drowpadi. They respond that they’re in hell for all the crimes you’ve committed. So Yudhi decides to go to hell. Yakshaprashnas – Questions of Yaksha – Yudhi has been tested 3 times – in form of Yaksha, the dog, and now…and your place is in Heaven Gayatri – a small hymn addressed to the sun. Essence of the Vedas. The 4 verses say “millions before us have been born…millions are being born, millions will be born. If you want to feel sad there are a 1000 reasons if you want to be happy there aer a 1000 reasons…these moods overcome the fool, but not he wise” Like how Krishna was blamed, Gandhi is blamed. Krishna says sometimes the role of
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