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Lecture 17 revised - Lecture 17 The Wonder that Was India...

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Lecture 17 The Wonder that Was India – Aela Dasham Explain the status of the world in relation to Nirguna Brahman – Maya, Leela, snakes, magician What is Yoga? – MOKSHA The Saguna side of Moksha… Remember in Saguna concept of Brahman, God is by the person. Implication of Saguna (with attributes), even in the state of devotion, god and man will be separate. The relationship will be changed, but they both will exist, in Moksha. In Moksha, there’s a triangle (isvara at top, and Jiva and Prakrti (nature) on both sides) We know Jiva and Isvara will continue after Moksha. If tehre’s no distinction in Nirgun Brahman neither will continue. But in Saguna Brahman, with attributes, both can continue. General problem according to Hindu theism: we have jiva with …diverting the attention from Prakrti to ISvara. Jiva goes to Isvara and goes away from Prakrti. When this approach to Jiva to Isvara is with success, it’s MOKSHA. The ends are in heavens…Vishnu and Shiva. You end up in the heavens of Vishnu or Shiva. Heaven of Vishnu is Visnuloka, and heaven of Shiva is Sivaloka. Special name for Visnuloka is Vaikuntha. These heavens are different from the heavens you go to as a result of the heaven you go to as a result of good karma. When you go to Sivaloka or Visnuloka, you never go back (we capitalize these heavens whereas the other heaven we don’t capitalize). Small heaven you get as a reason for good deeds. . As soon as you stalk of Karma is exhausted. Devotion to god annuls normal Karma…it takes you to the Siva and Visnu heaven. KEY TERMS MOVED AROUND IN THE CONTEXT OF MOKSHA: In the conextext of Nirguna Brahman, most important is Sayujya (unity…having become one…joined) Sayujya Sasti Sarupya Samipya Salokya All 5 of these 5 terms are sometimes used in Saguna Brahma (describing a state of moksha). Brahman remember can be described in 2 ways – Sagun and Nirgun. Moksha comes when realizing Brahman (when realizing the ultimate reality). However since Hinduism distinguishes between the two
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Lecture 17 revised - Lecture 17 The Wonder that Was India...

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