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Lecture 18 revised

Lecture 18 revised - Lecture 18 Siva is depicted usually in...

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Lecture 18 Siva is depicted usually in LINGAM…or in the dance form…Nataraja. Lingam is often described as a fallic symbol. This is not how Sheva’s think of it (SHaivism). The origin of the symbol…well the gods were debating who was the greatest god…Brahma, Visnu, Siva…then someone said let’s test this out… I’m going to appear…if you can find the top and bottom of who I am….then I’ll be defeated and we can discuss how is the superior god. Siva came as a shining pillar, in Tirva SOMETHING. This is supposed to be site…Visnu was supposed to go down and see how deep it is…he kept digging (Remember his incarnation as bull). Brahman Brahman lied that he saw the top of the pillar and that’[s why hes not depicted in temples…). Very famous temple is Banares called Viswana Taraka – ultimately gods get what they want. NIRGUNA BRAHMAN – going to overlap with our discussion about our path of knowledge. What we
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