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Lecture 19 YOGA Yoga idea is that it connects what’s below the line with what’s above the line. Divine is above the line, and Mundane is below the line. Dharma …doing the right thing Artha …wealth and power pursue Kama … There are 4 goals of life…Moksha is the third? Harmonious pursuit of these 4 goals. Exclusive focus on any one of them creates pathology. If you pursue one at a time…it’s ok. If you want to go into Moksha. The conquest of Yoga is a very particular pursuit… You are the starting point. Hinduism has 3 main yogas, JNANA through knowledge, BHAKTI through devotion, KARMA through action Human being is a psychophysical human being. You can use the body as a starting point. If you use body as a starting point, you do HATHA yoga. By keeping the body in a certain point, you are trying to make a correlation between body and mental mind. Raja Yoga…the BEST type of yoga, directly connected to mind. It is very well developed. The yoSutras… “How to Know God” Patanjali’s Yoksutras
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