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Lecture 20 What is above and what is below? So the bumpkin says sit on me…you are above me, and I’m below you. And then he says one more question….Who are you, and who am i? “VishnuParan” Path of Knowledge… For example, you know that a chalk is sitting on a table. However, can we know hunger in this way? No. That knowledge is through experience. That person who has never been hungry won’t exactly know what this is… What is fear? Unless you’ve experienced it, you don’t know it. This knowledge is EXPERENTIAL… Second Path…Path of devotion…the person who ahs realized God has never realized anything after that. Because that knowledge at the end is the ultimate reality…if you know the ultimate, how can you be scared of anything else? Bhakti…Devotion…. Navadha Bhakti: A mute person has just tasted sugar…but can’t explain what it’s like…That is attained through devotion to God. 9 very well known ways of worshipping God and knowledge….Svanam…. LISTENING….KIRTANAM TAKING…Smaranam REMEMBERING name of God….VANDANAM
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