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Lecture 22 The Karma Yoga (third chapter) So what exactly is meant by Karma Yoga? Krishna does not allow Arjuna to run away. Arjuna wants to be ascetic (free). He seems nice because he doesn’t want to kill his family. He’s from the warrior class. Arjuna is a “Ksatriya”. He’s a prince and warrior. Why don’t I just sacrifice myself as a Ksatriya. Krishna then says, “you’re having this delusion because you ARE killing the grandfather, the cousins etc. You think the bodies you see in front of you and you think you’re killing them, but however there is the soul which is different from the body. This soul can neither be killed nor can it be created. It doesn’t get burned…drenched, or dried. It cannot be destroyed. What you think you’re killing is simply the body. Even if you don’t kill them…one day the body will perish. One that’s created must be destroyed…the family is born, and must be destroyed. You know what people are going to think…They’re going to think that you’re afraid and that you fled. You can fight this
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