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Lecture 23 revised

Lecture 23 revised - Lecture 23 Karma Yoga continued With...

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Lecture 23 Karma Yoga continued With this background, Krishna says, look Arjuna…if you tell yourself you’re going to kill your grandparents, cousin, etc… Duryodhana, Dushasana, …then Arjuna will be bound by the result of his action – he will kill. However, ever law his its own exceptions. Krishna gives a beautiful way of escaping his Karma. He says do your action as your duty. Do it because you don’t want to experience the result of the action, but because you feel its your duty. Then, you’ll be free from both happiness and misery – must be impartial. Imagine a judge… though he may be pulled (because people’s of cute appearances), he needs to sentence people. Sometimes, a judge may even have to sentence a prisoner to death. However does the judge feel guilty for being in charge of the death? No, because he’s doing it in the sense of the duty. Therefore, Arjuna must see this as a duty …If he’s in equanimity by mind, then he’s not bound by his karma.
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