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Lecture 25 revised

Lecture 25 revised - ○ But this doesn't prevent you from...

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Lecture 25 2 types of Sannyasa Vidvat -when someone is realized in an early stage but wants to stay in the state of bliss Vividisa -when someone renounces everything to get the time to reach realization; desire of knowing the self These stages are not a compulsion, especially sannyasa and vanaprastha Duties for each person are governed according to ones varna and asrama (karma yoga) All the 4 asramas are meant for brahmins only according to the scriptures First 3 for ksatriyas; first 2 for vaisya
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Unformatted text preview: ○ But this doesn't prevent you from meditating in the stage that you're in; at any stage you can still perform your duties without being attached but are guided by your varnas and asramas ○ Purusarthas • 4 human goals Dharma -righteousness ○ Artha -wealth ○ Kama -desire ○ Desire in the right way is fine e.g. desire for liberation Desire to find eternal happiness in the ineternal is fine Moksa -liberation ○ Realization of the self...
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