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Lecture 26 The 4 Purusarthas 1) Dharma – Righteousness 2) Artha – Wealth 3) Kama – Desire 4) Moksa – Liberation -With the development of Bhakti, Karma’s importance dwindled in schools -How are these 4 different schools divided? Darsana – path by which we look or realize (looking and realizing are used in similar situations) -This can be further classified as: 1) Heterodox - ex. – Carvaka (materialistic school), Janism, Buddhism 2) Orthodox - ex. – Nyana (Vaisesika), Sankhya (yogia), Mimamsa, Vedanta split into 1) Advaita 2)Yisisiadvaita 3) Dvaita -These schools take tiny portion of Upanishads (which is what comes at the end)
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Unformatted text preview: -Belief in God doesnt classify heterodox and orthodoxone of the most orthodox schools doesnt hold the belief in God-What determines a schools orthodoxness? Whether they accept the validity of the Vedas. If schools think the Vedas are valid, a school (of Indian philosophy) is considered orthodox. -Every tradition will have a long list-The more old, the theme of antiquity goes throughout the Vedas. All of them also have a part of Moksa, some of the schools, Moksa will be after death, and some believe Moksa is throughout life. -All the schools speak of the means of valid knowledge, aka Pramana...
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