Lecture 28 revised

Lecture 28 revised - -God has a very minimal role to play...

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Lecture 21
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ORTHODOX SCHOOLS: Nyaya-Vaisesika – Logicians -The Nyaya and Vaisesika are two different schools - -Nyaya’s founder is Gautama (or rather an important teacher…He would rather say “these are the ancient teachings, I am reviving it now) -Most founders will be very modest and don’t say they are the founders -Vaisesika’s “important teacher” – Kanada -Sutras – aphorisms (aphorisms of sutras…3 or 4 aphorisms will join together to form a sutra). Typical suthra “Atha to Brahmajijnasa” Lengthier the Sutra, the less deep , shorter the sutra, the more complex -Remember Vedas were committed to memory – passage had up and down notes -Every school will have the teaching of the Sutras -“Anu” atom – this school hypothesized that all the particles of the world can be reduced into one
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Unformatted text preview: -God has a very minimal role to play in this school-They speak of some commonalityand relations amongst all the objects (how is a white colour related to the chalk)-Goes back to perception and inference, similarity, and Verbal testimony these 4 fall under the orthodox schools. -Their role is not like the traditional role of Vedantist -As school progressed, there was more focus on logic -Mountain is fiery, because it has smoke-Moksha here is attained after death Sankhya Yoga - Sage called Kapila author Sankhya-Patanjali - Yoga Sutra-Sankya school is very important their selves are called Purusa-Matter is called Prakrti, and sometimes called Pradhana-Both matter and selves are -Evolution of Prakr...
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Lecture 28 revised - -God has a very minimal role to play...

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