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March 23 2010. Cult – a specific mode of worship -there are many cults in Hinduism -divisions of these cults include 6 cults -These 6 are known as the Shanmathas -One has to do with Ganesh, Kartikeyi, Sun God (ancient cult), Visnu, Siva -Shakti - SHIVA -Very famous temple called Shonath called Gujurat -famous region, has been destroyed before (because it is very close to Islamic region) -detailed description of how it was destroyed in the 11 th century -Manner in which shiva is worshipped (looks like a fallic symbol), however important thing is that it’s not the way that Siva is actually perceived in Hinduism -Shiva assumes a pillar of life, -Visnu, in the form of the boar, tries to get to the bottom of the earth (from the pillar). Brahma flies up to go find the top of the pillar, he lied and said he found the top (this is why he’s not worshipped) -The Linga is symbolic of the pillar -Fallic in origin, but not in the worship -There are some passages in Hinduism that do give the lingam a fallic relationship
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