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Lecture 30 revised - SHIVAS Mahavrata-Siva went around and...

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SHIVA’S Mahavrata: -Siva went around, and skull was stuck to his hand, when he went to Banares, the skull fell off his hand -Two schools have emerged with the worship of Siva, Kasmir Shaivism or (Trika (which means 3) and Pratya Bhijna), Karnataka Vira Saiva, and Tamil Nadu Saivasiddhanta (assumed shape around 7 th and 8 th , really solidifies 11 th century) -Pratya Bhijna means recognition – this school says you are the nature of Shiva, however you have to recognize it (We can see how perception -This is john vs. This is THAT John. (We’re supposed to have this realization that “I am THAT”. -Kashmir Shaivism permished around ___century - Vira Shaiva – the brave Shaiva -they wear a ling -Many of them are women, and their hymns are known -Some of the women in the society would go around completely naked -They were in that sense a very unconventional sect, Like Jathis should not intermarry. Bijal organized the wedding of his son to someone in the family? -
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