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Different worshippers of Shiva : Pasupata – Follower of Pasupati (Shiva) – not any, those who smear their faces with ashes Kalamuka – people with dark faces Kapalikas – are skull carriers DEPICTION of our Enlightenment: Deeper depiction of spiritual practices, this depiction is readily available to -We may be physically human being, but we can also have an inner subtle body, that ROUGHLY corresponds to the outer physical body . It has some elements of the physical body – spiritual spine. Along this spine, there are centers (acupuncture) -These are the Cakras set into vibration CHAKRAs: 1) Svadhisthana – just above the base of the spine (Genital area) 2)Muladhara – base of the spine (anal area) 3) Manipuraka – near the belly bottom (Stomach) (“inserting a jewel”) 4) Ahahata – level of the heart 5) Visuddha – The throat 6) Ajna – between the eyebrows -This typology is used very widely KUNDALINI (coiled snake version – this is Kundal) : Kundalini is the power of enlightenment all
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