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Lecture 32 revised

Lecture 32 revised - Lecture 25 VISISTADVAITA VEDANTA In...

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Lecture 25 VISISTADVAITA VEDANTA: In 11 th century, we had Ramanuja, who taught the Visistadvaita Vedanta - -Brahman is free from inequalities - Brahman is full of qualities - It’s free of any defects. -He’s all merciful…Moksha is only possible through surrendry…When you surrender, god will give you Moksha -According to this school, God is Visnu (= Lord Narayana, name given to the God in mantras) -Visnu means “all pervasive” -Visnu resides in a heaven called Vaikuntha. Huge milky ocean where there is a beautiful soft bed. This bed is a 1000 headed serpent. It is soft but also poisonous. Visnu has great color combinations. -For this school, the world is real. -The Advaita idea is dismissed. -We speak of soul as being different and dependent on God. Souls are many – they are atomic in size. -This is opposite of the idea of Advaita. For Advaita, the conditioning factors changes each person. For visisaadvaita, there’s one god, he’s full of attributes and he resides in Vaikandu. The souls are many in
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