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Final3 - three higher castes Sometimes 11& 12 are...

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Final#3 Describe in outline the Sixteen Samskaras in Hinduism. 1. GARBHADANA -conception, literally means womb and place 1. PUMSAVANA - while woman is pregnant, a ritual is performed, vegetables are placed in the hand, ritual performed with the hope that the child is male --> gives rise to gender bias 1. SUMATONNAYANA - ritual for safe delivery of the child, mantras to be recited 1. JATAKARMA - actual birth of child (Jat = action, Karma = ritual) 1. NAMAKARANA - giving a name to the child 1. NISKRAMANA - going out, first time the child leaves the house 1. ANNAPRASANA - first feeding of solid food (MOVE EVERYTHING DOWN ONE) 1. CUSAKARMA - Cuda means lock of hair, this is the practice of keeping a strand of hair after the head is shaved, shaving of head 1. KARNAVEDA - done in 7th or 8th month, piercing of the years 1. VIDYARAMBHA - the beginning of education --> rituals to Sarasvati (daughter of Brahma?) - Goddess of Learning 1. UPANAYANA - to take child to teacher of vedic studies --> directed to males of the
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Unformatted text preview: three higher castes Sometimes 11 & 12 are combined 1. VEDARAMBHA - formal study of scripture 1. KESANTA- first shave 1. SAMAVARTANA - to graduate/finish studying someone who has undergone this ritual is called Snathaka 1. VIVAHA - marriage - 7 rounds around fire, "viva" means to carry. As soon as 7th step is taken, marriage is formalized. 7 rounds are interpreted different, some interpret it as decades, others that each is one life 1. ANTYESTI - when person is dead. Ideal way to take care of dead is cremation. This should ideally be performed by a son. On 10th day, remains are collected. Important rite in hinduism is called Sraddha (memorial service for the dead) When there's a ritual service, there are two models used to invoke the god/deity. The first method is MODEL OF KING - and MODEL OF GUEST. This is done through arati --> showing an arch of lights, candles, lamps, etc....
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Final3 - three higher castes Sometimes 11& 12 are...

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