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Final#7 1. How is the caste system of Hindu comparable to the nation state system of the West? First, a back story on the castes Class (Varna) and caste (jati) come together to form caste Class is formally part of Hinduism Jati is a South Asian phenomemnon and it is thought of as an index of your karma All religions in India have Jati Varna system accomodated the Jatis, but instead Varna "jatified" Jati --> only by birth Caste should be based on nurture, and not birth, worth not nature The caste system has received a lot of criticisim, however this system of class division and caste specialization is a result of historic inevitability due to development of productive forces If society had to advance economically, some sort of social and occupational divison was necessary Idea of "caste" is not an alien concept Drawing a parallel to the west…there is one thing determined by birth, and that is
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Unformatted text preview: citizenship • In west, exclusion is territorial, in India,it's social • Indian identity is being territorialized, social being replaced by political • India is separated through the social system and the West is separated through territory • The successes and the problems of the Caste System and National order are the same: SUCCESS: provides democracy, provides jobs, there's a sense of organization PROBLEM: Amongst one another (amongst countries, amongst jatis) • It is natural for people to divide themselves into groups • It is also natural to have an affinity for those in your group • The varna/jati divisions are extremely important for the well being of society because each is necessary for society to function --> this is similar to the political system in the West...
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