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Final#8 1. Visistadvaita Vedanta - Ramanuja is the prime philosopher for this, vehemently argues against Advaita, monistic reading of scripture is resisted Brahman is free from inequalities, but full of qualities Brahman is free of any defects, also all merciful, moksha only possibly through surrendry According to this school, God is Visnu (Lord Narayana, name given in mantras) Visnu means pervasive, and resides in heaven called Vaikuntha For this school, the world is real A commentary by Ramanuja, "The Advaitins to hold such groundless opinions, must be plagued by impressions of beginningless sin!" His interpretation of Vedanta is "Qualified Non Dualism" Individual self (jiva) is distinct from God yet participates in God who is
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Unformatted text preview: its essence and inner controller • Souls are many and atomic in size • There's one god, full of attributes, and he resides in Vaikandu • Moksha for visistadvaita means experiencing the world of Narayana, and this is only possible in Vaikuntha 1. Dvaita - • Greatest teacher - Madhwa • Complete contrast to advaita, sacred scripture is dualistic, scripture maintains enternal distinction between individual self and Lord • Nothing called unity in this world • Different is innate nature of god • There are souls which can be free, souls that are still in transmigration, and souls that are not free (Eternal damnation)...
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