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1 Case Harrigan University Harrigan University is liberal arts university in the Midwest that attempts to attract the highest-quality students, especially from its region of the country. It has gathered data on 178 applicants who were accepted by Harrigan (a random sample from all acceptable applicants over the past several years). The variables are: z Accepted: whether the applicant accepts Harrigan’s offer to enroll z Main Rival: whether the applicant enrolls at Harrigan’s main rival university. z HSCluns: number of high school clubs applicant served as an officer z HSSports: number of varsity letters applicant earned z HSGPA: applicant’s high school GPA z HSPctile: applicant’s percentile(in terms of GPA) in his or her graduating class z HSSize: number of students in applicant’s graduating class z SAT: applocant’s combined SAT score z CombinedScore: a combined score for the applicant used by Harriigan to ramk applicants 1 The derivation of the combined score is a closely kept secret by Harrigan, but it is basically a weighted average of the various components of high school performance and SAT. Harrigan is
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Harrigan University - Case Harrigan University Harrigan...

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