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Lesson 5 Assignment 4

Lesson 5 Assignment 4 - Ashley B Hilliard July 5 2010 MG...

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Ashley B. Hilliard 258-10-0169 July 5, 2010-October 22, 2010 MG 665 Lesson#5, Assignment 4 Regarding the case "Vanrex, Inc.," the editor of the local newspaper, The Hayestown Clarion, has invited Rubin to respond to the local outcry through a letter to the editor that will be published next week. Taking the role of Rubin, write the letter that will appear in the newspaper. Your letter should be 300-400 words. The Vanrex, Inc. plant which is located on the west side has been a staple of the community since it was built in 1906. When the plant was initially built it was placed on the well outside of the city limits to not interfere with city residents. But due to residential expanding now the plant is partially surrounded by residential housing. Due to recent concerns by residents Vanrex, Inc. is trying to think outside the box to step up efforts for clean air. Residents in the city and safety are our most important concerns and Vanrex we are trying to make the plant as safe and the air as clean as possible. Vanrex Inc. is implementing many new techniques to address the issues of fugitive dust and
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