Lesson 7 Assignment 2

Lesson 7 Assignment 2 - learned was to ask as many...

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What general lessons have you learned from meetings you’ve participated in or led? In 100-150 words, describe an example or two. When I first got into the pharmaceutical industry I had attend a National Launch meeting in California. I didn’t know what to expect. Well I when I got there it was about 5000 sales reps from across the country. The first lesson I learned was to be time. Everyday there was a rep that was late and they were always thrown under the carpet for their tardiness. The second lesson I
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Unformatted text preview: learned was to ask as many questions as possible. It is really hard to ask questions in a room of 5000 people but if given the chance its greats. It really set me apart from other reps and showed my manager that I am actively involved and actively listening. The third thing I learned was to take as many notes as possible it’s great to be able to refer to meeting notes when possible....
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