BMZ Fungi Methods and Discussion

BMZ Fungi Methods and Discussion - 1 Fungi in Culture: Not...

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Fungi in Culture: Not Mushroom Methods Before we even began our experiment, we observed all three stock cultures of the fungi which were previously grown for approximately a week. We looked at and recorded the date and time the culture was grown, the texture, color, and the size of the colony we observed about the Aspergillis niger , Aspergillis flavus , and the Penicillium camembertii . After we recorded everything we thought was crucial information about the three fungi, as a group we came up with a hypothesis in regards to two of them when they are grown together. Based on what we observed, we predicted that when Aspergillis niger and Penicillium camembertii are grown together, the Penicillium niger will grow more abundantly in the petri dish; however there will still be a distinct separation between the two fungi in all settings tested. The first thing we did was use the wax pencils to label our petri dishes on the bottom with the initials of every group member, the time, date, and which setting we were going to put the fungi in. As a group we decided to use four different settings, one of which would be our controlled setting. We chose to put the fungi on a piece of wheat bread, have one in the light, one in the dark, and then one in normal room temperature and light conditions, which was our control. In order to get our piece of bread into the petri dish we first put it in a piece of tin foil and smashed it up. Next, we used the petri dish as a cookie cutter in order to fit it inside. By using the glass hockey stick, we were able to push the piece of bread down into the petri dish without touching and/or contaminating it. Once the petri dishes were ready, we could move on to obtaining the two fungi we decided to use for the experiment, which again, were the Aspergillis niger and the Penicillium camembertii . After you have got two, five milliliter test tubes, label each one with one of the fungi names using the wax pencil. Fill the test tubes with three milliliters of dissociated medium, which is 2% glucose solution in a double
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BMZ Fungi Methods and Discussion - 1 Fungi in Culture: Not...

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