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GLG 111E Writing/Discussion Questions The Control of Nature; Los Angeles Against the Mountains 1. What happened to Bob and Jackie Genofile and their home? Explain whether or not you are sympathetic towards their experience. Bob and Jackie’s home was destroyed by a debris flow. A debris flow is a mixture of water and debris in sizes that are larger than sand. A lot of times large boulders, cars, and various other things are picked up during the flow and carried along with everything else. It has a consistency like concrete and when moving at quick speeds, can be extremely destructive. I am sympathetic towards the Genofile’s experience. Even though they were living in an area where they could expect something like this to happen, it is very traumatizing. The whole family thought that they were going to die one way or another in their home together. They were very lucky in that they were able to live through such a devastating disaster, but their home was completely destroyed along with everything inside of it. 2. How frequent are major (“exceptional”) debris flows along the San Gabriel foothills? Every year? Every decade? Every century?
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LA%20Against%20The%20Mts[1] - GLG 111E Writing/Discussion...

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