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Miami University Art Museum - areas The lights are shining...

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Art 185 1 October 2009 Dr. Wicks Miami University Art Museum When you walk up to the Miami art museum it is really a piece of artwork itself within the architecture. The front, out by the road has a huge, red hawk red piece of abstract artwork which immediately catches your eye. When you walk in the pond with the green abstract artwork is very soothing and creates a feeling of welcome. The white building seems as if it would be very small when you walk in, but the atmosphere created is something you wouldn’t expect from an art museum. It is almost as if it is a warm, homey feeling from the minute you walk in. The workers greet you and instruct you on how the building is set up in order to make your trip easier. When you walk in the first thing you notice is the ceilings are so high and are made of windows to allow light to shine in. The walls that are built aren’t your typical walls. They are crooked, and set at angles to separate and close off certain
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Unformatted text preview: areas. The lights are shining in order to highlight new areas or certain pieces. All of this combined makes for a very peaceful, relaxing, and interesting learning environment. The part that I really liked the most was the black and white exhibition. The introduction on the wall talked about how normally black and white is associated with good and evil or light and dark. The Five Part Suite by Helen Worrall was a piece that I enjoyed looking at. It looked like a spyrograph that I made as a child. It was interesting to me in a way that something a child can do is considered art and would be hanging up in an art museum. 1 Overall the experience I had at Miami University Art Museum is one that I did not expect. I thought that it was just going to be a bunch of art works on stands and hung on the wall. But, in reality, it was a piece of art itself. 2...
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Miami University Art Museum - areas The lights are shining...

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